Eco-Friendly Footwear

Eco-Friendly Footwear

Eco-Friendly Footwear

Stepping into Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Footwear options at Life and Sole

In a world increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical impacts of consumer choices, it's no surprise that vegan footwear has become a rising trend. At Life and Sole, we are committed to reducing the impact we have on the planet through greener packaging and shipment processes as well as seeking out brands that use sustainable materials for in the construction of their products. These brands offer a compassionate, sustainable, and stylish alternative for conscientious consumers.

Vegan footwear is footwear made entirely without the use of animal-derived materials. Traditional leather, which is derived from animal hides, is often replaced with synthetic and plant-based alternatives such as polyurethane, microfiber, cork, and natural rubber. Not only do these materials mimic the look and feel of leather, but they also offer several advantages that go beyond aesthetics.


Our Sustainable Brands

Flamingos Life -

Based in Spain, Flamingos Life is an eco-conscious footwear brand producing stylish, comfortable footwear made from plant-based materials.

With a footwear range developed from materials such as corn, bamboo, hemp and sustainable rubber, Flamingos Life is a great choice for the environmentally conscious.

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SAYE Footwear -

Inspired by 80’s style, the SAYE Modelo design is perfect for eco-conscious fashion lovers. Cleverly constructed from 100% sustainable materials like cactus, corn and bamboo, these shoes make the right statement. The soles are even made from recycled PET from post-consumer plastic waste in Portugal where these shoes are ethically made.

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Ecoalf –

Born in Spain, Ecoalf is recognised in the Top 5% as the best for the world and was voted Most Environmentally Responsible Company in 2022. The main fabric is made from recycled polyester and from PET bottles. They are committed to using no metal components and the shoes are PFC-free and completely vegan, making these a great option for vegan shoppers.

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Skechers –

Skechers is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and expanding their range of vegan options. There is a selection of vegan footwear options across Skechers ranges which are ethically made while still featuring Skechers signature comfort technology. This is an offset of their extremely successful BOBS range which donates proceeds from every sale to animal shelters.


Gone are the days when vegan footwear meant sacrificing style for your principles. Our vegan shoe options are pushing boundaries and creating fashionable and trendy alternatives for every occasion.

Vegan footwear is not merely a fashion statement; it's a movement that aligns with environmental consciousness, ethical principles, and a sustainable future. With the growing availability of stylish and eco-friendly options, there has never been a better time to explore the world of vegan footwear and walk in harmony with the Earth. Make your next step a conscious one with Life and Sole.


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